Ambehtachand, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh


We have a mission to excel, not only in careers but in human values, We have a mission to uplift the society and the nation, not only our families, We have a mission to raise the standard of education, not only knowledge, We have a mission to be an asset not only for our families but our society and nation. JNV Saharanpur, its staff, students and teachers are all set to be the torch bearers of quality education in the district as an oasis in the desert, lacking quality education, the district being predominantly a rural one. This Vidyalaya envisages education to be not only a means of making bright careers in MNCs via the I.I.Ts and the NITs but also as a medium of character development of the students making them an invaluable asset to their families as well as the society. It also aims at making ideal citizens for the country who may feel pride in being a part of this great nation of ours and imbibing basic ethical values and tenets of humanity , to have compassion for all sorts of life and follow the gist of all religions-LIVE AND LET LIVE. It will aim at preparing students by making them learn by doing and being self reliant and prompt to serve the society and the nation. It will aim at refining the raw and crude talent of the remote areas and mould them to adorn the highest civil services of the land thereby serving the society to the best of their potential with full dedication and devotion without any sort of bias whatsoever it may be.